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Hotel Franz Spa

The Hotel Franz complex also includes a wellness zone for the pleasure of all fans of relaxation, rest and romantic moments. The Wellness Centre comprises a Finnish sauna, steam sauna and whirlpool overlooking the picturesque meadows of Rejvíz, as well as a Kneipp Bath for hydrotherapy and a Relaxation Zone.

  Price for Hotel guests
Wellness - 90 minutes    350 CZK
Wellness - (unlimited) 600 CZK       
Whirlpool 30 minutes 250 CZK

The price is charged for each commenced 60 minutes. The fee for each additional 15 minutes will be charged according to the price of basic entrance.

Hiring the Whirlpool for private use CZK 1.000 / 60 minutes
Hiring the Franz Wellness Centre for private use CZK 5.000 / 120 minutes



As part of the wellness treatments, we are also able to offer wellness baths which have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Guests may simply choose from the following baths according to their own wishes or needs:

Peat Bath – the bath with finely milled peat improves the circulation, detoxifies and regenerates. It is recommended to take this bath after demanding sport or exercise, because it also eliminates lactic acid.

Herbal Bath – this fragrant, healing bath can be customised according to your wishes. There is a wide variety to choose from — flavoured with lavender, chamomile and balm leaves, oats, relaxing flowers and also baths with honey or oak bark.

Aromatic Bath with herbal extracts - the aromatic bath with herbal extract is also offered in several variants. For example, choose a combination of thyme and honey, which is ideal for strengthening the immune system. Or a relaxing combination of lavender and hops, larch and apple milk or chocolate and cranberries.

Beer Bath – beer lovers will surely appreciate the opportunity to enjoy beer in both the glass and the bath. This variant is especially popular among gentlemen. However, the bath has an overall healing effect and a positive effect on the treatment of acne.

Live Magnesium Salt Bath - this bath is very effective after spending a day cycling, skiing or cross-country skiing. Magnesium salt provides significant relief. It helps to eliminate stress and also has a strong detoxifying effect.

Dead Sea Salt Bath – If you long for maximum relaxation and regeneration, you will surely love this particular bath. It is relaxing, detoxifying and has beneficial effects on the skin.

A bath takes 20 minutes + 10 minutes of relaxation

There is also a cost-effective package available, including bath and massage (massage for 20 minutes + bath of your own choice for 20 minutes + 10 minutes in the Relaxation Zone)

Bath for one person 390 CZK
Romantic couple's experience 700 CZK
Bath + relaxing massage 700 CZK
Bath + head massage 700 CZK


Relaxing and Regenerating Massage  - this is the basic type of massage which is very pleasant and restores vital energy. It helps to eliminate fatigue, stress and insomnia. It is beneficial to the metabolism; it accelerates the blood and lymphatic circulation, adds elasticity to superficial tissues and is also very soothing for pain in the back and joints.

Lava Stone Massage  - this is rightfully one of the Queens of Massage. The combination of heat, the touch of hot stones and pleasant smell of aromatic oils affects the energy centres leading from the fingertips and toes to all the internal organs of the body. The heat and the waves of lava stones restore the energy flow, flushing out toxins and stress from the body. This is a type of regeneration of body and spirit. Hot pressure from the stones immediately penetrates the muscles, where it relieves spasms and also eliminates pain and stiffness. There is stimulation of the circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems, as well as regulation of the digestion and metabolism.

Honey Massage  - this is an old and proven healing, detoxification method. The honey massage utilises the exceptional effects of honey (especially detoxifying and reflexive effects), as well as compression massage touches (rolling and pumping). Old sediments and toxins are removed from deep parts of the body tissues. Moreover, other organs are also favourably affected through the reflex zones.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage  - this is a magical, sensual experience. It is deservedly considered as the "pearl" of massages. It is based on rhythmic techniques which use the fingers and palms as well as forearms and elbows; the touch is very intense and pleasant. The traditional concept is quite similar to dancing; the deep, gentle techniques and touches are simple and graceful. Hawaiian massages have an intense therapeutic and relaxing effect. They relieve muscle tension, improve motor skills, stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. They have a positive effect on the mental state in particular.

Indian Head Massage  - this is one of the most pleasant relaxing massages, suitable mainly for people exposed to high levels of stress; it acts as a prevention of migraines and adverse effects of stress on the overall condition of the body. The massage is performed without oil.

Rejuvenating Facial Massage - this is great relaxation of the facial muscles and smoothing of wrinkles. This massage evokes the feeling of deep relaxation, mental wellbeing and harmony. It is beneficial to the facial muscles. It has antioxidant and regenerative effects. Along with the high-quality products, achieve visible skin rejuvenation with daily regular care.

Royal Massage - If you are uncertain about which massage to choose and would prefer all of them, then the Royal Massage is the right choice for you. Enjoy it in multiple ways, with all the best of the various massage types.

Herbal Warming and Massage  - Thermofor is a herbal heating pillow that first warms the back, causing reduction of muscle tension. The back becomes softer and more flexible. The fragrant aroma of herbs is released into the air; those which provide refreshment and create a pleasant feeling. Warming is followed by an enjoyable, relaxing massage and then final relaxation. This experience lingers for 720 days. There are several possible uses of this pillow, which guests may take home with them. It can be heated in the microwave for 2 minutes, then applied to the back, neck or shoulders to experience the healing effect for 10-20 minutes. It is pleasantly warming and relaxing with a refreshing aroma.

Peat Wrap with Massage - this is another amazing form of warming which relaxes the muscles, detoxifies the body and provides pleasant relaxation to the body. The one-time use peat wrap contains a large quantity of organic and mineral substances which enter the body and are beneficial to the skin. Removal of the wrap is followed by an intensive, deep massage to support the whole process. And then comes the final relaxation.

Price list massages

type of massage length price
Relaxing and Regenerating Massage 30 minutes 390 CZK
  60 minutes 690 CZK
  90 minutes 990 CZK
Lava Stone Massage 60 minutes 840 CZK
  90 minutes 1 090 CZK
Honey Massage 30 minutes 490 CZK
Honey Massage + foot massage 60 minutes 760 CZK
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage 60 minutes 890 CZK
  90 minutes 1 190 CZK
Indian Head Massage 30 minutes 390 CZK
Rejuvenating Facial Massage 30 minutes 390 CZK
Royal Massage 60 minutes 890 CZK
  90 minutes 1 190 CZK
Herbal Warming and Massage - Thermofor 60 minutes 1 050 CZK
  90 minutes 1 350 CZK
Peat Wrap with Massage 60 minutes 750 CZK

Important information

Reservations: Selected treatments should be booked in advance at telephone +420 774 997 084 or at the Hotel Reception.

Timely arrival: Please always try to arrive for the reserved procedure 5 minutes before the appointment. If you arrive late, your procedure will be shortened. All procedures end strictly according to the reserved time..

Health condition: If you suffer from high blood pressure, allergies, heart or other problems, or if you are pregnant, you should notify the masseur or receptionists.

Cancellation: Procedures must be cancelled at least 3 hours prior to the time of commencement. If not cancelled in time, a cancellation fee of 50 % of the reserved treatment will be charged.

Reservations can be made by telephone wellness +420 774 997 084